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Our Story

 Syversen is a Scandinavian distributor of international brands of socks, tights, lingerie and underwear. We have 74 years of experience and more than 2,000 customers. The key to our success is the fact that we deliver the right product at the right time, says Erik Syversen.

Four Syversen Statements

Our brands will add additional turnover to your business.
We can provide you with an increased profit.
We come with strong international brands and more than 74 years of successful cases.
We do not just sell products, we sell ideas, positive energy, solid partnerships and increased revenue.

Creating Unique Partnerships

Syversen’s portfolio of brands is quite impressive with a long list of iconic brands such as Oroblu, Marlies Dekkers, Calvin Klein, Muchachomalo, DKNY, Eton Socks and Pretty Polly, to name but a few. Syversen’s position as distributor in the hosiery and underwear fashion is undisputed.

Calvin Klein experiences this after handpicking Syversen for the Calvin Klein legwear and sock business. From the beginning of the collaboration it is evident that Syversen has a different approach: Naturally this is due to impressive results as well as an unconventional passion for the products. “When distributors from all of the other countries were clinging to computers to analyze formulas and graphs, we also took a significant interest in the product, touching, stretching and trying them on,” remembers Erik. The team from Calvin Klein might have been a little startled at the time, but the success soon shows, as Syversen starts out with 387 new customers within a very short time and is honored with the prestigious Award of Excellence within only two years. Syversen is very aware of the product-fascinated approach to building brands in Scandinavia. In addition, Syversen has a fundamental focus on creating success for the customers through the Syversen sales code, dialogue, partnership and service at all levels: “For Syversen, it is better to sell too little than too much. When we receive a new order, we are only halfway. We need to support, motivate and offer great service to our customers to ensure that they are truly satisfied,” states Erik, and he has a long line of brand successes to prove his point. “I believe that the customer always has to be satisfied. We do not just sell products. We sell ideas, positive energy, strong partnership and good earnings.”

Into the Future

Looking ahead, the coming years will bring significant growth and development. The Syversen team has set a new and even more ambitious course, basically building a new tomorrow as if the venture takes its beginning in today’s marketplace. As a business and as a team, the die is firmlycast: “I like change. I like that there is something new, and that the company, we as individuals and as a team continually develop.” The vision includes creating many more memorable moments, increasing sales, doubling revenue, opening multiple new doors and strengthening the team spirit across country borders. The focus is to further develop the Syversen brand recognition and understanding of what being a Syversen partner truly grants:

“Our products create additional revenue for our customers. We provide them with the possibilityfor strong profit with a wide range of the world’s most powerful brands in our field,”

says Erik with a smile. A humble smile that makes you wonder what colour and pattern a pair of socks should be, when they should fit a personality with strong drive, passion and honesty.

Erik Syversen

s_0250s Who would have thought that a kid who started his career sorting socks is now the ruling professional distributor in Scandinavia, bringing solid businessto thousands of stores, shops and department stores with a new age way of thinking? The key words to Erik Syversen’s success are family pride, world leading brands, holistic thinking, top-of-the-line logistic systems and outstanding service.

”There are not many people crazy enough to passionately live and breathe socks. But I do.

It really is a fascinating niche in the textile business, and we provide all our customers with opportunities to create additional revenue. Not many in the textile business can match that,“ says Erik Syversen, CEO and owner of Syversen AS - distributor of tights, socks, lingerie and men’s underwear in Scandinavia.

Jenny Syversen

 As the third generation of Syversens, Jenny has worked in all areas of the family business. Originally, she flagged her interest through several years before finally getting a job on the inside -because a Syversen doesn’t just inherit their job: “I have basically worked in all areas of Syversen -from being part of the sales team to training our partners,” says Jenny, who has a strong background in retail.

“This means that I really understand the hard game of running a store successfully and all the many parametres along the way from struggle to success.” 

Currently, Jenny is head of customer service, ensuring strong support to every customer based on the principles of honesty, punctuality, an ethos of NOT pushing any customer to buy anything, but helping them with their requests for supporting prices, invoices, new orders and various other information valuable to a customer, often needed here and now.

Hans Erik Syversen

Hans Erik Syversen is one of the main sources for new exciting brands at Syversen. He is truly 'a Syversen', a salesman and trend spotter as he seeks inspiration everywhere and shares the pride and passion for strong brands and amazing products that make a difference. "When I was younger, I really did not think, I would ever work in our company. Today, I am extremely happy that I do. I am very proud of it and thankful to my father for giving me the opportunity. This job has been a big part of me becoming who I am," says Hans Erik. Today, he is always aware of the unique qualities that make Syversen stand out:

The passion for products, the know-how and the products that truly sell with the consumers.

Our customers often tell me: "What is so good about Syversen’s products is a sell-through that increases my revenue. Your products do not steal turnover from any of the other brands I have, but create a turnover I would not otherwise have,” says Hans Erik, who is grateful for the long list of clients in Norway that have been Syversen partners for so many years, some of them for 40 years spanning smaller independent shops as well as big chain sand department stores.
“We have so many years of building strong partnerships that have been successful for alle parties - for our customers and for us. Now, I believe it is time for us to expand using the way we work in our unique niche.”

Rasmus Paludan

 Rasmus_26 Bringing unmatched experience from 20 years in retail and branding, Rasmus Paludan is the new force in the Syversen team. His mission is to expand the Syversen vision and seek new successful collaborations with many types of customers in Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

“Syversen has 74 years of success, international brands and products that will create new revenue in your store.

We can provide you with additional profit,” says Rasmus Paludan, who has 20 years’ experience in Danish retail, the last eight of which with a focus on purchase, suppliers and product strategy for one of the biggest Danish fashion chains. Now, he has a focus on the long line of potential great customers. Small independent stores as well as fashion chains and solo brandchains that do not yet realize what the potential of the Syversen products is. We can add turnover to any kind of store that is in business with textiles, because consumers are still buying lingerie, men’sunderwear, socks and tights, also when they save money on all other kinds of fashion. But we have to place new focus on these productcategories, in many stores, this is not an area of priority, but just something on the side. We at Syversen want to inspire and share the formula to additional income to be gained if you concentrate on this to be gained if you concentrate on this area of business and grant the hosiery and underwear brands the right attention,” states Rasmus

The Syversen Timeline

  • 1940

    25-year old Knut Syversen, falls in love with beautiful Else from Fredrikstad, moves to Fredrikstad and starts a small wholesale company with everything from soles, mothballs and linen - products that he in the early years bikes around the local area to sell. 1940
  • 1940s

    Mid 1940s
    Knut Syversen’s entrepreneurial nature forms the basis for a company that supplies the local people with products, they need - everything from gift cards and pencils to small textileproducts. 1940s
  • 1944

    Supply shortage in the years during and after WW2is a fact, and Knut Syversen eyes opportunities and room for new business.
  • 1950

    As is natural at the time, the 5 Syversen childrenhelp out. Erik Syversen alongside his sisters and brothers Wencke, Hæge, Knut and Kjell are sorting socks by the kitchen table to support the family business and make a little pocket money.
  • 1951

    Erik is born as the youngest of the Syversen childrenWencke, Hæge, Knut and Kjell.
  • 1960

    The company grows, and focus is invested in the needfor textiles such as socks and yarn. Knut Syversen buys whole sale and drives around in his car to meet the customers.
  • 1970

    Erik enters the family business following his older brother Knut and soon the new generation forms a whole new development for the Syversen company.
  • 1970s

    Jenny and Hans Erik are born as the third generation of Syversens.
    The Sock Van is invented by the Syversen brothers in the 70swith the company tagline ‘Honk and go!’ (Tut og Kjør! in Norwegian). Syversen launches Eton Socks. 1970s
  • 1974

    Erik follows his never-dying love for colours andintroduces the first socks in Scandinavia withstars and stripes pattern.

    Syversen introduces the classic white 3-pair US tennis sock.
  • 1980

    Syversen enters the tights business.First to join was international premium brand Wolford.
  • 1984

    For the first time in Scandinavia, women are introduced to the hot G-Strings, when Syversen launches this innovative type of underwear across the market.
  • 1986

    Syversen moves the company from the old family home to a new professional factory and office in Fredrikstad. 1986
  • 1987

    Syversen launches Oroblu in Scandinavia, fascinated with a whole new world of quality tights at a competitive price point. 1987
  • 1991

    Syversen invests in the future with an ambitious and large scaleautomatic warehouse system enabling a 90% automatic packing process of all orders.
  • 2002

    Erik Syversen becomes the sole owner of Syversen AS and is joined by the new Syversen generation, as his children Jenny and Hans Erik are both joining a new era for Syversen AS. 2002
  • 2007

    Syversen starts a collaboration with Dutch bad boy brand Muchachomalo, bringing the art of underwear into the future with strong artist and fashion designer collaborations.
  • 2010

    Famous Dutch lingerie brand Marlies Dekkers joins Syversen.
  • 2013

    Introduces Pretty Polly, the UK’s leading hosiery brand.
  • 2013

    Syversen has sold 4 million pairs of Oroblu Magie 20. A stocking that has remained unchanged for 25 years and still is the world’s best and most durable 20 denier stocking.
  • 2014

    Syversen shares a new strong vision of empowering and developing as a truly Scandinavian company and grow to 3,000 customers across Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.


Our DNA seen by the Syversen staff. Each one was asked to state one single word.

When Syversen strategicallyinvested in a state-of-the-art system in the 90s for the Rosenlund headquarters in Fredrikstad, they laid the foundations for a back office super-power. Today, Syversen’s back office holds a market-leading position in service, timing, precision and flexibility.

In Fredrikstad lies Rosenlund, the human face and technological pulse of Syversen’s headquarters. This is where all communication starts and all products are sourced for all of Scandinavia. It istrue and genuinely a ‘lean’ organization that grantsvalue and perspective forcustomers, staff and suppliers every day.
A Ware House Built to meet the future

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