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So what sparked his ambition to establish the XPOOOS label? 
You could go as far as to say that XPOOOS's founder – Joris Bongers – was born with socks on his feet. He was born into a family of entrepreneurs best known for its hosiery business – a business based in the south of the Netherlands that's been operating across every segment of the market for more than a generation. 
It's been a down-to-earth, family-run business that's been focusing primarily on international production and supply to large supermarket chains, department stores and speciality hosiery outlets. 

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But lately a new wind has been blowing… 
Despite the financially challenging times in which we live, the company has dared to innovate, and branch out to develop and produce its own labels. 
The expertise and experience acquired over more than twenty-five years in the hosiery business – combined with its own vision – have put the company in a solid position to successfully market a range of highly distinctive and competitive products. 
With the same wind in his sails, Joris also seized the opportunity to chart a new course. His own course – based on his own innovative vision for the sock market. 

So this is how Joris came to establish the XPOOOS label and launch his new range of products – fuelled by a passion and drive for discovering new manufacturing techniques and new applications. 
XPOOOS brings you extraordinary socks. Socks with a story to tell. Socks with an identity entwined into their fabrics, prints and designs. 
Or more simply put... The Art of Socks. 
The three O's in XPOOOS stand for: 

• original,
• outstanding, and
• out of this world.

XPOOOS collaborates with cutting-edge stylists and artists from around the world, who create the most varied collections conceivable. 
Every sock has a story to tell. Quirky designs and prints that help the fashion-conscious sock wearer stand out in any crowd! 

An ingenious new printing technique allows the most intricate and elaborate designs imaginable to be printed on its high-end cotton socks. 
The process also happens to be colour true and colour fast! 

XPOOOS's collections are real eye-catchers! Aesthetically appealing additions to existing collections. Refreshingly different and intriguingly appealing. 
It goes without saying that XPOOOS will be seeking media attention for its high-end collections, but we'll be adopting a critical and pragmatic approach. 
No extravagant investments in overly expensive media campaigns. Just a total focus on our incredible product. 
We're passionate, enterprising and daring. Driven to add a splash of colour to the fashion world, making it even more inspiring with our amazing collections of socks for fashion-conscious men and women everywhere. 

Living life to the full, you make decisions for yourself. You don’t follow – you lead!You dare to express your true self in all its glory. 
Monotone's okay, but outspokenly colourful and original is definitely your style! 

Love life. 
Love socks. 
XPOOOS yourself!